About Marcello







We have knowledge, experience and the production lines to manufacture any type of shirt fabric knitwear fabric and shirt design to compliment Marcello Sport, casual, semi casual, Modern or Slim Fit, are but a few examples of what we create. Utilizing accent trim fabrics, custom hand selected buttons and contrast stitching is an example of our enhanced detailing.

Highly professional management and our technical team responsible for design, manufacturing and logistics solutions are at work to make sure our customers receive the highest quality service possible.




The most powerful aspect of MARCELLO SPORT is our exclusive shirt fabric design and development. We design, develop and manufacture fabrics for the consumer that appreciates the highest level of quality.

We translate the latest trends into custom fabric designs and manufacture different alternatives accordingly. Our comprehensive fabric library is updated every 3 months with beautiful new shirt designs. 

We make our Marcello Sport Collection unique with our wide range of fabrics. We are able to develop fabrics such as printed, painted yarn, jacquard woven any in materials consisting of 100% cotton, cotton blends like cotton/poly, cotton elastin and tencel. We also have the non-iron fabric treatment process, fabric with silky and the easy care finishing process which is perfect for those consumers requiring these types of Shirting’s.
We search for new techniques, material and color combinations as an ongoing quest for our company to supply the high quality shirt fabric and designs for future collections.

New techniques developed are used to test for performance, like the tearing strength and abrasion resistance. Our company executes all aspects of fabric design and development, manufacturing and production. Our highly experienced design team works in depth with each of our fabric suppliers to develop the patterns, colors and fabrics in line with the character of the consumer that appreciates quality.



Our distinguished and highly experienced production division works to provide customers with above industry standard quality internalizing and complying with recognized quality management systems. 

Our production lines are equipped with automated and computer programmed machines as one of the standard bearers of high quality shirt production. Large part of this system is used in modeling design and development. 

Quality control is applied at each stage of production rather than just at the end. Thus our quality control eliminates any product that does not comply with our quality standards. We care immensely for customer satisfaction and the trust we build with our customers is of utmost importance, and these are the fundamental building blocks of our company perspective.